About Us

The Athens County Area Beekeeping Association was founded in 2007, partly in response to the sudden public awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder. A mixture of experienced and novice beekeepers, ACABA strives to promote beekeeping in southeast Ohio through education and mentoring. Our education activities include beekeeping classes, attendance at community events, and working with schools and other civic groups, while our mentoring includes hands-on experience at member apiaries as well as our monthly meetings. Contact any of the officers below for more information.

ACABA's club by-laws may be found here.
Need to rent the club honey extractor? Use ACABA's rental form.

    2017-2018 ACABA Officers

  • Club President


    Pam Cooper

    Pam is a new beekeeper, and 2016 is her first year managing bee hives. She is a resident in Meigs County and part of Wisteria, Inc., a local community in Meigs County. She lives off-grid and can be found usually working on various projects when not working at her day job. Pam finds beekeeping to be a nice fit with her lifestyle.

  • Club Treasurer


    Jack Cantrell

    Jack has been raising bees for over 40 years, and he is the owner of Cantrell Honey, which supplies locally harvested honey at the Athens Farmer's Market and local groceries. He's been committed to raising bees for a long time and especially enjoys assisting new beekeepers navigate the challenges of maintaining apiaries.

  • Club Secretary

    Secretary & Website Manager

    Michael McAvoy

    Mike began beekeeping with his family in Georgia when he was a child in the early 1980's, back when you could be a "hands-off" beekeeper. Now, he has made the transition to an active manager of his hives, while experimenting with sustainable apiary practices. In addition to managing the ACABA website, Mike is also a mentor for first-year beekeepers in the City of Athens.